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The deployment of information security solutions must be managed intelligently to ensure they are appropriate, comprehensive and adaptable. IPSec have an exemplary track record in providing the following information security services:

  • Assess: Identify risks to information assets;
  • Design: Develop appropriate mitigation strategies to address those risks;
  • Implement: Put into effect solutions and technologies appropriate to the unique needs of each client;
  • Maintain: Provide ongoing management, monitoring and maintenance services to ensure information security technologies continue to run at their optimum security level.

Whether it is facilitating a flexible, mobile workforce; initialising best-practice gateway and Internet access; or dealing with a malicious hacker, IPSec are protecting and supporting the information assets of Australian businesses. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A list of predefined security consulting methodologies is included below:

  • Modules for Security Strategy
    • Security Strategy Workshop
    • Security Strategic Planning
    • Security Strategic Plan Review
  • Modules for Security Policy & Procedure 
    • Custom Policy and/or Procedure Requirement 
    • Security Policy and/or Procedure Development 
    • Security Policy and/or Procedure Education 
    • Security Policy and/or Procedure Review 
    • AS/NZS ISO/IEC 27001 & 27002 Alignment 
    • Information Security Ownership 
    • Third Party Access Control & Data Exchange 
    • Third Party Service Contract Review 
    • Asset Identification & Classification 
    • Asset Classification Rules Definition 
    • Employee Security 
    • Physical Environment Security 
    • Physical Equipment Security 
    • Secure Change Control 
    • Security Incident Identification 
    • Security Incident Management 
    • Data Handling & Disposal 
    • User Access Review 
    • Endpoint Access Control 
    • Sensitive System Identification & Control
  • Modules for Network Services Security 
    • Network Services Identification
    • Network Services Volume Vulnerability Identification 
    • Network Services Zero-Day Vulnerability Identification 
    • Internal Penetration Test
  • Modules for Application Security 
    • Website CGI Assessment (Non-Authenticated Users)
    • Website CGI Assessment (Authenticated Users)
    • Website CGI Architecture
    • Application Architecture
    • Application Assessment (Non-Authenticated User)
    • Application Assessment (Authenticated User)
  • Modules for Wireless Security 
    • Active WiFi (802.11) Access Point Identification and Assessment
    • Active Bluetooth Device Identification and Assessment
  • Modules for Network Security 
    • Network Architecture Security Design
    • Network Architecture Security Review
    • Network Traffic Review
    • Network Access/Admission Control Deployment
  • Modules for Desktop & Server Security 
    • Desktop SOE Security Review
    • Server General and/or SOE Security Review
    • Mobile Device SOE Security Review
    • Directory Controlled User Permissions Review
    • Database Server Assessment
  • Modules for Data Leakage Protection 
    • Data Leakage Protection Review
    • Data Leakage Protection Deployment
    • Data Encryption Deployment
    • Data Encryption Adjustment
    • Data Encryption Configuration Review
    • Data Encryption Performance Review
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