The IPSec engineering approach is driven by pragmatism and process. After 21 years of operational experience, the IPSec principals have developed a series of proven consulting methodologies that take the guesswork out of any project we tackle. Each of IPSec’s Professional Services Modules clearly articulate all steps that are involved, all objectives that are to be achieved, and can be fitted together in endless combinations according to the project at hand. This ensures our work is measurable, and allows IPSec to provide fixed price outcomes without exceptions or exclusions. We can do this because IPSec are focused specialists; with proven methodologies that have been successfully implemented thousands of times.

The IPSec modules can also be adapted to solve unique client security needs, ensuring a custom solution that is suitable and appropriate. Such judgment is not according to our own security sensibilities but is based upon a practical assessment of each company’s situation: the problem at hand, the impact, necessity, allocated budget and required outcomes.

IPSec work with multiple vendors and are always tier one partners with the highest level of engineering certification. We remain independent and product neutral – using the best product for the particular problem at hand.

IPSec are focused entirely on client outcomes. That means clients can be focused on getting on with their business, confidently and securely.

A list of predefined IPSec engineering security consulting methodologies is below:

  • Modules for Firewalls, VPNs, TM, IDS’ and IDP/IPS’
    • Firewall, VPN, TM, IDS and/or IDP/IPS Deployment
    • Firewall, VPN, TM, IDS and/or IDP/IPS Adjustment
    • Firewall, VPN, TM, IDS and/or IDP/IPS Configuration Review
    • Firewall, VPN, TM, IDS and/or IDP/IPS Performance Review
  • Modules for Endpoint /  AntiVirus Solutions
    • Anti-Virus Solution Deployment
    • Ant-Virus Solution Adjustment
    • Anti-Virus Solution Configuration Review
    • Anti-Virus Solution Performance Review
  • Modules for Content Security Solutions
    • Content Management Solution Deployment
    • Content Management Solution Adjustment
    • Content Management Configuration Review
  • Modules for Authentication Solutions
    • Authentication Solution Deployment
    • Authentication Solution Adjustment
    • Authentication Configuration Review
  • Modules for Mobile Device Management Solutions
    • MDM Solution Deployment
    • MDM Solution Adjustment
    • MDM Configuration Review
  • Modules for Application Load Balancing Solutions
    • ALB Solution Deployment
    • ALB Solution Adjustment
    • ALB Configuration Review
    • ALB Performance Review
  • Modules for WAN Optimisation Solutions
    • WANOP Solution Deployment
    • WANOP Solution Adjustment
    • WANOP Configuration Review
    • WANOP Performance Review
  • Modules for Data Leakage Protection
    • Data Leakage Protection Review
  • Modules for Encryption Protection
    • Encryption Solution Deployment
    • Encryption Adjustment
    • Encryption Configuration Review
  • Modules for Network Access Control Protection
    • NAC Solution Deployment
    • NAC Adjustment
    • NAC Configuration Review
  • Modules for Web Application Firewall Protection
    • WAF Solution Deployment
    • WAF Adjustment
    • WAF Configuration Review